Fuck me in the ear, why don’t you? This project started when Dick Twitch and Venus Flytrap met at Berlin Pornfilmfestival in 2018. They discovered their shared love of aural pleasures and lamented how few porn films give as much care and attention to audio as they do to visuals. They have since been experimenting with creating titillating, immersive audio experiences.

Listen for yourselves! Read the manifesto!

Audio examples


Beloved perverts,

since time immemorial, porn has established itself as a visual medium more than anything else.

But what of the sound of skin against skin, the rustle of sheets, the squeaking of bedsprings? The soft moans of a lover, the excited squeals of a one-night stand, the muffled sighs heard through the wall from the flat next door? The satisfying smack of a paddle on a bare bottom…

We believe that sex is an aural experience as much as anything else. But we want to go one step further. We don’t just want to get you excited – we want to share our stories as well! This is where titillating audio porn becomes more – it becomes intimacy, right in your ears.

Help us fulfil our vision (for lack of a better word…) and make some audio porn with us!

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Who we are

Richard Twitchington is a producer of documentary film, audio and virtual reality. His work combines non-fiction storytelling, immersive theatre and interactive art. His friends usually just call him Dick Twitch. It started as a joke he hated at first but he got used to it. He kind of likes it now.

Venus Flytrap is a freelance radio producer based in Zurich. She has a PhD in biology she doesn’t use very much these days. She has recently slipped into the world of alternative porn festivals to find she feels quite at home there. Current mission: to embrace sluthood with all her sticky tentacles.